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KC believes in the art of individual beauty and that the creation of beauty is a true art form. One that is unique to each and everyone of us. She only uses quality organic and all-natural products. All infused with beneficial antioxidants and pure botanicals. With 14 years experience as a Licensed Esthetician, Airbrush Spray Tan Artist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Life Coach, she has had the opportunity to work with and educate individuals of all ages on the importance of practicing and incorporating healthy habits into our daily lifestyles. Her goal is to educuate and provide you with the tools you need to achieve and to maintain healthy skin and overall body wellness. More importantly, she is here to guide and to show you that discovering your true beauty,  begins within.


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Natural Ingredients

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“The time is NOW to discover the INNER BEAUTY that ultimately exists within YOU. We ALL have the POWER to look and feel our best. It all begins on the INSIDE. It all begins with YOU. To create inner BALANCE. To discover inner HARMONY. To find your RHYTHM. To feel your SOUL. Allows you to embrace the true gift of TRANSFORMATION. The purest form of human SELF-EXPRESSION. The ONE true meaning behind the ART of BEAUTY. The TRUTH. BElieve in YOUrself … BE YOU.” – KC